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Fantastic ways to support Sam's Diamonds Cancer Support


Why support Sam's Diamonds?

We are an unique support group. We take pride in providing activities that increase self-esteem confidence and motivation to keep our service users going. We provide regular social activities allowing friendships to be made, strengthened and mentorship to develop. We support our Diamonds' physical and mental health.

"It has been amazing to go along this part of our recovery with such amazing positive women"
- Gillian

If wellbeing of cancer patients and survivors as well as spreading cancer awareness is close to your heart Sam's Diamonds Cancer Support is the perfect opportunity to get involved

Connections and community are extremely important to us. Our mission is to build a positive and safe space for cancer patients, but we also engage in a lot of community events and build connections with local businesses.  We want to give back as much as possible and celebrate our community here in the North West.


How to get involved?

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