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'Sam's Diamonds has helped me carry on with the rest of my treatment. Thanks to positive thoughts, courage and confidence'

- Service User

sam founder of sams diamonds and her husband during her cancer journey
sam lewis, founder of cancer support group sams diamonds


Hello and welcome! My name is Sam Lewis. Just over seven years ago, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


I had 8 months of rigorous treatment which included Chemotherapy, a full Mastectomy and Radiotherapy. This experience was the most frightening thing to happen to me and my young family. 

Due to the lack of positive support that felt I needed at that time, I established Sam’s Diamonds, which is a registered charity that provides a service for women 18 + as they journey through any cancer treatment.  


We look to provide you activities that increase self-esteem confidence and motivation to keep you going forwards in life. We provide regular social activities allowing friendships to be made, strengthened and mentorship to develop.


We also offer opportunities to increase health and fitness through regular exercise classes specifically tailored to cancer rehabilitation whilst offering advice on diet and healthy lifestyle.​


group of men jumping and celebrating on a mountain outdoors

• Determination to move forward
• A zest for life
• Strength – in body and mind
• Drive to support each other
• Support for a new direction in life – inspired
• Direction for giving back
• Appreciation – feeling blessed – friends/family
• Understanding of a second chance at life
• Perspective
• Positive attitude – to make a difference
• Pride – self achievement
• Self awareness – identity
• Support for growth
• Ability to make the most out of every day
• Motivation
• A new sense of positivity
• The realisation – healthy
• The feeling empowerment – inform others

woman doing yoga on a sandy beach
Support Group


Cancer treatment can be the most frightening thing to happen to you and your family. During the journey, through treatment, you may feel that you are losing control and that your cancer is not just damaging your body, but taking over your life!


Sam’s Diamonds helps you to take back control and keep you moving forward.

Sam’s Diamonds are proud to say that we seem to be the only all cancer inclusive support group in the Northwest of England. We believe that knowledge is power and by sharing experiences with other patients with different types of cancer, this will heighten our awareness for the future. This group is run by Cancer survivors for Cancer survivors and developed by the needs of the group.


As well as our main groups, we also offer a group specifically for those of you who are living with Cancer or have had a secondary diagnosis. Please let us know if you would also like to be added to this group when filling in your 'register to be a diamond' form.

If you need to contact us for a chat please let us know! We are here to help!

We hope you enjoy being part of our family, please know you are never alone!

We look forward to supporting you, keep shining bright!!



person walking along a long road in the countryside mountainous sunset
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