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History Of  Women's Cancer Event

Join us as we explore the treatment and impact of cancer in women throughout the ages of time!

Image by Tolga Ahmetler

In what way were rabbits instrumental in the creation of the HPV vaccine?

Pink Glitter Heels

What is the link between Barbie and the development of prosthetic breasts?

Young Breast Cancer - Bilateral Mastecto

When was the first radical mastectomy performed?

What's Was It?

A number of our diamonds have conducted research into the history of different types of women's cancers - and we showcased these findings in this fabulous event to the general public!

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Egyptian ancient historical monument by Alex Azabache

We partnered up with the amazing photographer, Damian McGillicuddy, to shoot a number of our empowering diamonds showcasing their scars! Not only does this normalise and reduce the stigma surrounding scars/body changes after cancer, but it is also a huge confidence boost for our fabulous diamonds.

Antique Volumes of old books history
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CLICK HERE to find out about Fanny Burney's letters discussing her mastectomy procedure (without anaesthesia)!


CLICK HERE to find out about Henrietta Lacks' cervical cancer diagnosis.


CLICK HERE to find out about Marie and Pierre Curie's discovery of radiation, and how this impacted the improvement of cancer treatment!


CLICK HERE to find out about Georgios and Mary Papanikolaou's 
scientific discoveries that led to incredible breakthroughs in cancer treatment development!


More stories coming soon!

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