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Yoga on the Beach


The Diamonds on Tour

Our annual getaway is a chance to meet other Diamonds and gain a deeper understanding for the cancer journey. We participate in many empowering workshops that give our Diamonds the tools to continue to walk through this journey with their head held high and a smile

We love learning new things and the annual retreat provides a great opportunity to gain new skills and truly get to know ourselves. This was also the time to 'feel alive and free' with positive, uplifting fighters who just understand!


Our activities included informative talks on topics such as cancer prevention and fatigue ('chemo brain'), light fitness including exercises and walks, workshops, meditation with singing bowls, creating inspiring vision boards, crafts  and  other mindfulness tasks as well as arts and crafts, team quizzes, bingo and other team-building games in the evenings

This retreat is a life-changing event for many of our Diamonds and we take great pride in providing such an unique and beautiful experience

Ocean waves and pebble stone mountain beach

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